Something that’s not talked about enough !!

Delay. Deny. Defend. And WHY it benefits you as a homeowner to have a competent contractor on your team.

Insurance companies are investments companies. “They can’t legally deny legitimate claims and must work in good faith to assess every loss sustained. “ HOWEVER……

That isn’t always the case.

The longer they can hold off on paying out that claim, the longer they can invest your premiums and turn profit.

With that being said, whether you have a dishonest company who will take advantage of DELAY and DENY the in the first inspection Or you get an adjuster having a bad day who will DEFEND against hail damage findings on your roof… it happens every day.

These are just a few of the benefits to having a contractor who knows these games, how to play them , and most importantly how to win them, on your side.

At RKG, that’s what we do!

We give you a free property inspection and offer an honest option to you on whether you need a roof replacement, or not.

If you do, we will assist you in filing a claim and even show up to the adjuster meeting so that’s not on YOUR shoulders.

If they try to deny a claim we know is valid…. we will provide the photos, the proof that only knowledge can point out.